Roof Consultant

Toitech is an expert in the inspection and analysis of roof systems in the residential, industrial and institutional sectors. Active in the field of roofing technology since 1982, and incorporated in 1991.


  • Roof Evaluation
  • Quality Control
  • Thermographic (Infra-red) inspection
  • Maintenance Program

Roof Evaluation

Complete visual inspection of all roof components. Written report including an analysis of the existing conditions and recommendations of corrective measures.

Quality Control

Verification of contract documents and specification. Pre-job meeting. Inspection of all phases of the work including: Condition of the roof deck. Condition of the materials and storage methods. Installation of the roof components. Provisional inspection. Final inspection.


Thermographic (Infra-red) inspection. Captures thermal images of the differences in temperature on the surface of the roof. Detects the presence of humidity in the roof components or heat loss from the building. TOITECH uses the most up-to-date technology for the diagnosis of roofing problems. Using the Flir B2 infra-red camera results in the quick detection and resolution of faults in the roof system.

Maintenance Program

Catalogue all roof areas. Evaluation of existing conditions. Plan for thermographic evaluation. Cut tests and analysis of the condition of the roof components. Analysis of the results and formulation of a maintenance program.

Toitech is a member of:

The Quebec Master Roofers Association.
L'Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec.
Certified by the Infrared Training Center.